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Yoga in Victoria

Look no further for Yoga in Victoria. There are a variety of yoga styles and offerings that can assist in your overall health and well-being. Read below to learn more about each style of yoga that Rise Adventure & Wellness Solutions offers to give you an idea of what class is best suited for you.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means “to place in a special way” and focuses on linking breath to movement. In these high-energy classes each posture is linked to the other through a dynamic flow. Beginning with a grounding series warming up the body we progress into a standing series and peak postures that differ from class to class. Finish off the class with a lavender essential oil aromatherapy temple massage before floating into a blissful savasana.


Yin yoga is a beautiful practice that focuses on slowing the body and mind. Postures are held for three to five minutes working with the deeper connective tissues and subtle energetic systems. This class is very passive, allowing the body to slowly open and the mind to calm. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of one’s inner silence and focuses on deep relaxation.

Vinyasa Yin Blend

In this hybrid class, Vinyasa and Yin are blended together to create the ideal balance of yin and yang. Begin the class with a dynamic flow and finish the class with longer held postures to aid in deep relaxation. This class is accessible to everyone and is the class we would recommend for beginners.

Alignment Yoga

During this class you can expect an energizing alignment based class. Hatha Yoga is bringing awareness to what is already there. Actively participate in your breath, while using bio-mechanics for ideal alignment in all postures.

Youth Yoga

Yoga is not just for adults! Rise Adventure & Wellness Solutions offers youth classes for ages 12-18. This class allows participants to make new connections, build self-confidence, decrease anxiety, increase flexibility and increase balance. This class will include basic introduction to yoga (no experience required) and its fundamental elements in a fun, safe and social setting.

Family Yoga

Yoga means “union” or “to yoke”. Bring the family together to find balance both on and off the mat. Have fun flowing through postures, partner work and practicing different breathing techniques. Actively participate in your breath while using ideal alignment in yoga postures. Together gain strength and flexibility, while reducing tension.

Family doing stretching exercises laying on the floor - healthy lifestyleMom and Baby Yoga

Rise Adventure & Wellness Solutions offers Yoga for Moms & Babies. Don’t worry Dad’s, this class isn’t just for Mom’s! Dad’s are invited to join with their little ones as well! Join us for a 45 minute Vinyasa flow Yoga class composed of poses that are designed to ensure your little one is just as involved as you are.

Come experience the classes and benefits of yoga for yourself in our safe and nurturing environment. Never feel left out as our class sizes are designed to be small and inclusive. All of our classes can be tailored and supported for individuals with special needs.

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