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Meet Our Team – More about us & our Mission

Our mission at Rise Adventure & Wellness Solutions is to build self-efficacy, confidence, health awareness and capacity for recreational physical activity participants, families and those with special needs through unique and alternative programming.

Rise Adventure & Wellness Solutions (RAWS) was envisioned by the co-founders Michelle Lynnes and Erin Clark. They have been friends since childhood and have followed similar paths throughout their lives. Together, they have always strived to find new and exciting ways to get fit, stay active and enjoy the outdoors. This is something that has always been an important part in their lives and they want to share that with others.

Michelle Lynnes

  • 250-507-0275

Co-Founder / Program Director

Michelle has understood the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle from an early age. As a youth and young adult she competed provincially and nationally in modern Pentathlon, Equestrian Eventing, Air Pistol Shooting and Fencing. Her participation as an athlete fostered her development as a coach. She has been coaching a variety of sports for over 10 years including equestrian, swimming, fencing and air pistol shooting. Michelle completed a BA in psychology and a MA in Exercise, Science, Physical and Health Education. Her thesis included developing and implementing a strength and cardiovascular program for adults with an intellectual disability. This project was designed in collaboration with Special Olympics and has evolved into a regular registered program for the organization. Michelle has worked in other organizations to design and deliver recreational programs and has helped increase enrollment and participation. She also owned and operated a successful personal training and outdoor boot camp program in Calgary, Alberta. Her schooling and experience has given her insight into programs that are successful within the fitness, adventure, equestrian and wellness industries.

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Erin Friesen

  • 250-896-7625

Co-Founder / Program Coordinator

Erin grew up in an environment where participation in physical activities was something that was required as a child to ensure lifelong participation and adherence into adulthood. Before the age of 10, Erin began competing in both equestrian riding and tetrathlon (equestrian, running, swimming, and air pistol). She competed at both the provincial and national level in these sports. At the age of 16 she began coaching equestrian riding through the Canadian Pony Club. Erin completed a BA in Psychology and has developed a career working with children and youth, specifically those with special needs to ensure they have the same experiences and opportunities as all other children. She worked at an out of school program where she supported children with special needs one on one and facilitated participation in physical activities. She also worked at a residential treatment program for children and youth who were dually diagnosed and helped design individual treatment programs. It was during this time that Erin realized the shortfalls of the accessibility for individuals with special needs to participate in physical activity. Although there were activities available, programs were not set up with the support or the knowledge to integrate both mainstream individuals and those with special needs. From her experience Erin understands the needs for inclusive programming within the fitness, adventure, equestrian and wellness areas.

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Alisa Lewis

Yoga Instructor

Alisa graduated from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Education, specializing in Fine Art and English. Her passion for holistic healing and spirituality brought her to yoga, and she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. Since completing her training, Alisa has enjoyed teaching yoga to students of all ages and skill levels, and she believes that yoga can be accessible to anyone with the desire to practice. As an instructor, she creates an atmosphere of present-moment consciousness, a welcoming space to explore the connection of body, mind, and breath.


Jaime Hunt

Yoga Instructor

For Jaime, yoga is one of the secrets to life, it has brought her balance both on and off the mat. She has had many health challenges in her life; yoga helps her live to the fullest with grace, strength and perseverance. Practicing yoga reminds her to appreciate the beauty in life as well as accept the challenges. Yoga has being a major contributor to her quality of life. She wanted to deepen her understanding of what yoga is and share her passion with others so she completed Dan Clements 200hr Hatha Registered Yoga Teacher Training. By learning the postures with optimal alignment her body feels stronger, healthier and more energized. Learning more about the philosophy of yoga, she realized that it parallels many cultural teachings around the world, including her own Tsimshian culture. In some ways she has been practicing yoga throughout her life. By having a committed practice yoga has filled in missing teachings and gives her a better understanding of the greater purpose of her life. She could not get enough of what she was learning so she completed a Vinyasa 200 hour RYTT with Natalie Rousseau. She is extremely excited to share her knowledge and love for yoga with you. Her intention is to be a kind, supportive and uplifting teacher.


Jacquelyn Boychuk

Fitness Instructor

Jacquelyn graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Physical Education and CSEP-CPT certification in personal fitness training. Jacquelyn’s passion is all about movement, she believes focusing on fitness and physical movement improves an individual’s quality of life. She loves strength training, cycling, yoga, and exploring the outdoors. As a fitness coach Jacquelyn guides and supports individuals to reach their goals and challenge themselves. More importantly pushing the idea that physical activities are meant to be fun and everyone can participate! She believes every person has their own unique set of gifts, and loves getting to know what drives and motivates them to be their best self.


Ernest Friesen

  • 250-896-7856

Assistant Coach – Camosun College Women’s Volleyball
Head Coach – Victoria Volleyball Ass. Club Volleyball
NCCP Volleyball Coach / Fitness Instruction Specialist

A former volleyball player and passionate student of the game, Ernest is a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist and NCCP Level 2 “in training” Volleyball coach as outlined by Volleyball Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

Always improving and seeking new opportunities to learn, Ernest has had many opportunities to learn from some of the countries greatest coaches and athletes including working with high school, club, provincial team, post-secondary and even National team players and coaches.

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Heather Vilvang

Equestrian Coach

More about Heather coming soon!


Melody Andre

Equestrian Assistant

More about Melody coming soon!


Haley Johnston

Equestrian Assistant

More about Haley coming soon!

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