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Personal Training

Personal training sessions give you the chance to work out either one-on-one or in a small group with a certified and experienced trainer. These sessions can include body weight training, free weights, portable equipment, exercise bands and cardio. Each session will be tailored to your goals and can take place in our studio or outdoors. The goal of the personal training session is to help you work out in a safe and fun environment. They will also include support and education to help foster the skills and knowledge needed to create your own exercise programs and maintain life-long participation in fitness.

One-on-One Personal training

One of our Certified, experienced and motivating personal trainers will design an exercise regime for you to specifically to meet your individual goal. Pre-screening of health history, prior injuries and any limitations are addressed during the program design. Programs generally include full body strength training to increase metabolism, muscle strength, endurance, core stability and balance training. Stretching for flexibility and any post-rehab exercise that may be advisable from our health team of professionals are also included.

Small group training (2-4)

Small group personal training is more than just an economic alternative to one-on-one training. Our small group training offers a unique opportunity to explore a new dimension of fitness by merging Group Fitness with Personal Training. Our small groups offer classes that focus on a specialized format, individual progression and skill development. You receive the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of the private rate and working out in the same room with others pushes you to a new fitness heights. You will receive accountability, motivation, support, and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals in this dynamic small group setting of 2-4 clients to one coach.

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How much are your personal training costs?

1 Session3 Sessions6 Sessions12 Sessions
One on One Training$60.00 + GST$174.00 + GST$330.00 + GST$624.00 + GST
Small Group Training$35.00 + GST$96.00 + GST$180.00 + GST$336.00 + GST

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