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new yearWe are almost a month into the New Year, and the enthusiasm around those resolutions may be starting to fade. Here are 8 simple tips for helping your goals work for the whole year ahead!

1)    Make realistic goals

-Set goals that fit in your lifestyle

-Start with smaller goals and then increase them as they become habits


2)    Make exercise part of your routine

-Add exercise into your regular schedule

-Pencil exercise into your schedule

-Be specific about time and place


3)    Get a workout buddy

-Join a class or find someone to work out with

-Having a buddy increases your chance for adhering to an exercise routine


4)    Make it convenient

-Pick a gym or an type of exercise that you can do close to home or work

-You will be less likely to stick with a program if it is a hassle to get there


5)    Fit in exercise anywhere and everywhere

-You can add in jumping jacks, push-ups or squats anywhere

-Park your car in a further parking spot or take the stairs when you can


6)    Keep it fun

-There are many different ways to exercise so if you are miserable going to the gym seek out other options.

-Bike riding, hiking, climbing, yoga, etc. are great ways to stay active


7)    Reward yourself

-When you have stuck with an exercise program for a set amount of time (week, month, etc.) treat yourself

-Ideas for a reward would be a massage or a new piece of exercise clothing


8)    Support your exercise habits with a healthy lifestyle

-Having a healthy lifestyle does not just include exercise so support your exercise habits with a healthy diet, adequate amounts of sleep, etc.


Check out our schedule and get in touch so we can help you stay on track with all of your health and fitness goals. May you be happy, healthy and vibrant!

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